The Luck Coming

I attended the seminar yesterday which the tittle is Design of Motor Control Chip by Dr. Guo-Ming Sung from Department of Electrical Engineering NTUT-Taiwan. He talked about the history of  Motor Control Chip Design and also described its design. The slides were in English but the description was in Chinese. At the end of the seminar he talked about the luck coming. It didn’t have any relation with tittle of the seminar but I interested in his explanation of the luck coming. He gave six  positions of  the luck coming:

– Patent Reviewer

– Consultant Works

– Reserach Project

– Lecturer of Training Courses

– IEEE Paper Reviewer, and

– Conference Section Chairman

And how to get this position?He also gave the way how to get it at the end of his slides as the conclusions.

– Keep walking anytime in skill

– Do more pavors to your sytudents

– Do something diligently

– Think forward, not backward

Don’t care the payment

– Believe the future is good, forget the past think

Keep more time to your family

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